Gerrit Godwaldt

I am 52 years old and the initiator of The Green Bay project. I am CEO and CTO. 
I get my motivation from collaboration with customers every day.

In 1989 I started as a test engineer for AT&T in the business of wide area fiber optic networks. One of the most interesting projects I was working on, was a fiber optic network in Thailand, realized in 1992. All the major cities in Thailand are linked with this network.

After my three years of experience in the field, I started a new function as technical sales engineer for projects in Saudi Arabia. I worked on the Telephone Expansion Program 6 (TEP6). With the implementation of this project, we have modernized the voice and data network in Saudi Arabia.

In 2001 I started as an independent ICT consultant. In this role, I was involved in numerous Datacenter projects of the Dutch national government. I was involved in relocation of Datacenters, new contracts for Datacenters, consolidation of Datacenters, EU procurement projects, Managed Services etc.

In addition to my work as an ICT consultant, and inspired by all movements in the world of Datacenters, I have written a White Paper about a Wind-Driven Datacenter. I shared this White Paper with many interesting organizations in the business of building and operating Datacenter facilities. Encouraged by key individuals in these organizations, I started with The GreenBay. The idea presented in the White Paper is transformed into a realistic plan. I am very motivated, together with all my colleagues of The GreenBay, to build and operate, the greenest and most cost efficient Datacenter in the Netherlands.